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September 7, 2013
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Here comes the Boom
and yo i just found out about this whole 'squish' thing and i thought " this explains him soo well with buddies " and yaa :-D
and plus the many bullets :stare: relationships takes time yo


Current Name: Thunderpaw

Prefix: Thunder = Named for his parents noticing how loud he was
Suffix: Paw = Given suffix for apprentices 
Past Names: Screechkit [unofficial] - Thunderkit
Nicknames: Thunderhead - Big Ears - Wussy - [more to be added through roleplay]
Gender: Tom-cat [ Male ]
Current Age: 10 moons [ 10 months ]


Current: MountainClan
Past Clan: none
Rank: Apprentice
Former Ranks: Kit
Mentor: Snakebite
Past Mentors: Unknown

Blood Status: Clan Born
Belief System: Star Clan - •••○○
Birthday: May the 1st
Season Born In: Spring [ New Leaf ]


Breed: Serengeti x European Shorthair
Body Type: Sleek and lengthy tom with long muscular legs that makes him taller than an average apprentice and large paws.
Eyes: Bright green eyes with yellow out of irises
Scent: Most cats may say that he reeks of the mountainy terrain, but somewhere in there there are scents of pine. And probably .. flowers?
Key Features:
    - tall
    - large pointy ears
    - big paws
    - black claws
    - long heavy, smooth, and thick tail [ not fluffy rememberr]
    - fangs
Scars and Disabilities:
    - small nick on left ear and bigger nicks on right
    - scratch marks on rear and tail
Accessories: none
Status Bar: Out of 10
    Defence: •••○○○○○○○


[ Distant + Secretive | Defiant + Snappish | Attentive + Suspiciously Curious  | Trickster + Easily Amused | Sorrowful + Vindictive | +Alternate/Unlockable Traits ]

Distant and Secretive

Is it really safe to say that Thunderpaw is one of those lonely loners? Not entirely true. He actually wants the company of kind and cheery cats, one who have a sense of understanding for his space and actions. However, he was constantly pressured to do things, believing it will make him fit in, only to lead him to be scorned and hated even more. Now, he becomes weary when challenged. Straying away from his clanmates is most common for him, as he does not want to start up terrible drama and personal conversations ever again. Especially if it means he'll begin to grow fond of that cat. You see, he lost too much, fearing the same things will happen if he bonds with another. So instead, he goes on pushing cats away, thinking it is better for everyone that way. And when you demand to know why he would do such a thing? ... He absolutely won't tell.

Defiant and Snappish
Having a bit of a snobby attitude could lead Thunderpaw into troubling outcomes, including the fact that he is expected to treat kindly  of the senior warriors, aids, and respect those in authority. In reality he will try and control his short temper, slowly tolerating the idiots he must not strike at. But sooner or later such expectations to behave dwindle as he will often refuse to listen and obey. It will even get as far to where he will throw out some nasty and useless remarks, if you have the nerve to push him that far. We all due respect, he's actually a pretty nice guy. Or at least he tries to be. Then again, he'll just frustrate himself with his issues and difficulty to express himself truly, it all leads to results like these.

Attentive and Suspiciously Curious
Even though he doesn't like other cats going up on his business, and when I say he doesn't , I mean reeeeally doesn't like it. You might as well be wondering why in the world would he be interested in what you do but not let anyone else get at least a glimpse of his life? Well that's just him. He's always been the one to stay back in the sidelines, kind of like a wallflower. He listens very well and very sneaky like, whether it be in training, undergoing other's troubles, knowing their feelings or just plain friendly intentions. Take in a conversation with your buddy and he could be there somewhere hearing in on it. Like a creep. He also might be wandering about and if you say something that catches his attention he'll jump on in and wanting to know. He's always been the kind of a nosy cat sniffing up in everyone's talks, especially those that no other cat should hear about. You can try to hide somewhere and give off on your little secret, exchanging signals, pretend to be doing duties, but he'll know if your up to something. He's always been able to sense the strangeness in these things. You can be a very good liar and say its nothing, but even if your telling the truth, you can bet that he'll randomly come from around the tree.

Trickster and Easily Amused
As strange as it is, Thunderpaw often finds the "fun" in watching other cats panicking and feeling a great embarrassment. And as cruel it could be, he will often try and bring these bad situations closer to a select few. Whether it be teasing the cat about a certain decision or mistake, or purposely bringing up a very uncomfortable topic. And if the mood drags in he'll sometimes even pretend to act like someone he's not, only to totally baffle the others in his strange personality changes. Though of course its not very likely he'll bring his corny tricks up, as he's mostly trying to avoid everything and everyone. You can't blame the poor kid. What else do you expect him to do if he's forced to stick around with boring cats, getting bored out of his mind and state.

Sorrowful and Vindictive
Thunderpaw is still very much a sad soul. How can you be happy after everything unimaginable has stricken at you? At least, that's the way he sees it. 


To where Thunderpaw's life basically began is with Pantherclaw. The black she-cat was a rather hard-to-get type of warrior, in a ready stern motion she wouldn't put up with most of the clan's abrupt nonsense and drama. So therefore she'd be seen leaving camp for the majority of her freetime. It was in that one ' faithful ' day, in which a newly made warrior, had found her walking out. And to his curiosity he decided to head out and follow her. As Pantherclaw traveled deeper into the forest, Dappledback tried his best to walk quietly but every couple steps he would make a huge snap, sending him to duck behind a few bushes. Finally Pantherclaw came to a stop, jumping over a few rock and under a fallen tree, she arrived at her destination. A place where she would rest her mind often, the numerous amounts of yellow flowers bloomed along the tall grass. Trees giving a reasonable amount of shad and sunlight as it shook gently with the wind. The spotted tom was overwhelmed by his surroundings that he didn't even notice walking straight towards the she-cat! Finally bumping into her, her eyes widened before he hissed as she quickly shifted her body to face the intruder behind her. Her snarling growl faded as she came to realize that he was no threat. Afterall, he sprung up in the air covering his face begging for her not to kill him. Pantherclaw just shrugged it off and told the tom to why be intented to stalk her. He looked up, standing in front of her a smile spreading across his face. " Heh, well ... you call it stalking .. I say I was just lovingly lurking in the shadows. " Pantherclaw was rather pissed at his grin, especially since he constantly wanted to invade her personal space by snuggling up against her too much. He wouldn't ever go too far, if he tried he'll just end up with another scar to show. But even so, his awkward humor and failing charm just left her smirking at him. 

As time went on she found herself slowly finding interest, shocked that a cat like herself was starting to feel a likeness towards that tom. Dappledback was always on the move to win her heart, she knew he had always been attracted to her, even as an apprentice. He'll still try and make the move, but each time she will reject him. But with every downfall both of their feelings grew stronger. Eventually, Pantherclaw was the one who couldn't handle this any longer, and admitted her feelings. Though she did not wish to become mates, her confusion did not let her. Dappledback did not let her go that easy, almost begging claiming it was better now, then to be sober and regret it later. Pantherclaw laughed a bit at his statement, love can certainly make you say weird things, but she thought it through and agreed to be his partner. Dappledback was relieved with the she-cats choice, he slowly reached in puckering up for a kiss. All Pantherclaw did was pushing him away, pressing her white paw against his nose. " Psh! Don't think your getting it that easy!" Moons after their commitment, Pantherclaw was starting to notice strange signs going about herself. She was mostly always getting this weird nauseous feeling, especially when around the kill pile, even if she craved food she still gagged, but didn't vomit either way. However, she didn't want to tell her mate about the things going on, thinking it will make her look weak and delicate in front of him. Instead she later explained her symptoms with the medicine cat, now understanding that she was pregnant. Exiting the medicine cats den in dismay, she wished that she never made that lustful mistake deep in the forest with Dappledback. Her heart was taking over, she had no idea what was really going on, she still had to tell him ... about the unexpected kits. 

Once told, Dappleback wasn't so thrilled, feeling very uneasy with the thought of becoming a father. And Pantherclaw? She couldn't care less. The time seemed to pass by rapidly as Pantherclaw's stomach grew bigger, soon forced to be sent to the queen's den. There she meet another she-cat who was also expecting her own litter of kits. " I see your not too happy, something troubling you darling? " Raising her head from laying on the patched grass, Pantherclaw sneered at the she-cat. "What does it matter to you! Maybe I'm just not too happy with being a mom. " The cat, Shimmerdawn, scoffed at the black pelted warrior's attitude. " Well someone would certainly fail at being motherly. " Almost immediately Pantherclaw bared her teeth, speaking loudly in a mocking tone. " Motherly? There is no rule to being ' motherly '. That's the last thing I need! Your idea of smothering and babying kits, pathetic, when they need to be taught discipline. " "Oh? I'll feel sorry for them! Having to live with such an abusive parent! Instead of letting them suffer, I'd be more than happy to take them from you." Pantherclaw's eyes gazed into the queen's in disbelief. The way she said it ... it sure didn't sound like an option. She can't do that .. take my kin? Even if she could, would it really matter? Nearly all of the mountain clan cats doubted she and Dappledback would raise them well, while others sought there was a possible chance. Absolutely outraged with the queen's demands, she shouted at her, loud enough for every cat to hear. " Take them? You have your own scum to worry about, you'll see, once they're born it will prove how much stronger they will be compared to your skinny runts! You have no right to do so! If you so much as lay a paw on one of them I will end you!"

Kittenhood: [ 0 - 5 moons ]

Early Apprenticeship: [ 6 - 9 moons ]

Late Apprenticeship: [ 10 - ? moons ] Current Happenings

Warrior Life:


Parents: Pantherclaw x Dappledback
Grandparents: unknown

Littermates: Frecklepaw - Leopardpaw

Aunts/Uncles: unknown
Cousins: unknown
Half Siblings: unknown

Mate: Open [ too young ]
Offspring: None 


Orientation: Demisexual
Romantic Affiliation: Anti-romantic [ doesn't know the first about it ]
Preferences: To put it quite simply he obviously feels no attraction to anyone without connections. [ ahem he's demi ] So therefore he has no real preferences when it comes to liking a cat's appearance, male or female. But when it comes to personality its a whole different story, and a quite confusing one for that matter. If he seems to take interest in you, then your doing something right, lets leave it at that. Though if you still want to know, then he sees fiery amber eyes to be empowering and more beautiful than the obvious blue. Or anything interesting and possibly rare.
Activity: [ Expirience ] Virgin - knows mating and recalls seeing it once.

Current Attractions: [ most likely to start as a squish ]
none yet


:bulletyellow: Minor
:bulletorange: Squish / Moderate
:bulletpink: Attraction / Crush
:bulletred: No longer / Regret 

Looking For: Doesn't know / Not concerned


-Prefers to be alone
-He's actually very sensitive
-Tries to give off a good first impression, but will most likely fail at it
-Surprisingly calm when not in his loud state
-Even with his fierce attitude, he prefers not to get into physical fights
-Romantic things embarrass him greatly
-Acts more like his mom
-Usually complains a lot about things
-Its still possible for him to feel sexual and romantic attraction. Its just complicated.
-Usually obeys cats with a stern and dominate outlook
-embarrassed by his pink nose [ he thinks its too girly lol ]
-has no idea what a kitty-pet is
-sometimes will look a lot older to some cats and mistaken for warrior


-Snooping in everyone's Business
-Having some Fun [ on his own ]
-Some considerancy
-Taking a Break
-Teasing cats
-Honesty [ even if its cruel ]


-Rouges [ especially rouges ]
-Being yelled at
-Obeying Orders
-Crying [ Himself and Others ]
-Those who Misjudge him
-Competition [ but he'll do it if you call him wussy ]


:bulletwhite: Acquaintance
:bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Mixed / Unknown Feelings
:bulletblack: Dislike
:bulletblack::bulletblack: Hate
:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack: Despise
:bulletpurple: Unsure
:bulletpurple::bulletpurple: Wary / Discomfort
:bulletpurple::bulletpurple::bulletpurple: Stay Away
Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Jealous
Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! Fear
:bulletblue: Like
:bulletblue::bulletblue: Friendly Moments
:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue: Friend
:bulletgreen: Good Friend
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Close Friend
:bulletgreen::bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Best Friend
:bulletyellow: Respect
:bulletyellow::bulletyellow: Interested in / Questionable
:bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletyellow: Admiration
:bulletorange: Bonding
:bulletorange::bulletorange: Attachment
:bulletorange::bulletorange::bulletorange: Deep Connection
:bulletpink: Attraction
:bulletpink::bulletpink: Crushing on
:bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletpink: Major
:bulletred: Lust
:bulletred::bulletred: Love

Yellow Square Bullet Mentor / Apprentice Yellow Square Bullet 
Pink Square Bullet Mates Pink Square Bullet 
strike Former Feelings strike
Silver Square Bullet  Dead / Missing Silver Square Bullet 

Mountain Clan

Light Clan

Air Clan

Stream Clan


Rp Sample: 
Pale morning light streamed through the soft clouds that traveled across the south region. And right below was Korrin laying in his den with a few other young cats. The coverage of the den did not allow much light in, especially since it was still early. Though even if he wasn't sleepy or tried, he was itching to leave, but didn't know what he would do out there. Constantly rolling around the den, he kept bumping into cats and making some rubbish noises to where the rookies began to get annoyed. All he could do was apologize disappointingly, the dark surroundings didn't help much either. That's when he heard footsteps of another cat. He lay head down, perking up his ears pondering to himself that it must be one of the guides. At that moment Korrin stood up quickly, strutting out the den towards the great outing he began to pick up the pace. It was better than staying in camp all day anyways. After some time of sprinting through the region, he encountered a few obstacles along the way. Though he'd rather not think of it now, he was only trying to dodge them. Swiveling between rocks and such he should have reminded himself to slow down his speed. Or at least 'watch' where he was going. This thought struck his mind the moment his back leg got caught on a loose branch, causing him to stumble, slamming his face on the grassy terrain. He lay there, face down, for a couple of seconds before he brought his head up. Wincing at the sudden pain he was feeling, he slowly began to rise from his fall, but as soon as he did that, right there in front of him, there was another cat.

Plotting: to be added

Availability: He's open for roleplay now! NOTES and SKYPE [ user is foobichum ] are my preferred methods of rping! 
Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time
Time on dA: I check dA literally every day. :-d But inactivity is mostly on weekends.

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